I’m not receiving my daily emails
Please check your junk mail via a web browser, not all junk shows on an app, to make sure the emails are not being diverted there.  If you are still unable to find the emails please contact us on info@oneyearnobeer.com
How can I reset my challenge?

You can do this through the members home page or follow this link: https://members.oneyearnobeer.com/reset-your-challenge

Can I have alcohol-free/low-alcohol drinks on the challenge?
If it’s alcohol-free then it’s all good. And we’ll even let you push the boat out to low-alcohol (0.5% or less) drinks, but no more than that.

Oh, and cooking with alcohol is totally fine too…just take it easy on the measures!

Can my Facebook friends see my activity in the OYNB Challengers Facebook group?
The OYNB Challengers Facebook group is a closed group so anything you post, comment or like within this group is not visible to anyone out with it.
I’m thinking about extending my existing challenge. How do I go about this?
That’s great news! If you extend any challenge, all you need to do is click on the relevant link below.


28 to 90 upgrade28 to 365 upgrade90 to 365 upgrade
Videos aren’t playing…
Streaming high-quality videos if you’re out and about or in a location with poor WiFi can cause playback problems. Videos may not load on a slow or a shared WiFi connection where other downloads or updates are in progress.

If this is happening, it may be a case of waiting until you are somewhere with a faster connection.

Can I buy OYNB merchandise?
Yes - please head over to www.oneyearnobeer.com/store
It would be really nice to meet up other OYNB members but I have no way of knowing if any live near me. Can you help?
So many of our members have made long-term friendships through their OYNB challenges with other members, be it ‘long-distance’ or closer to home. If you’d like to meet other members in your area then keep an eye on the events section either in the OYNB Challenger Facebook group or the weekly newsletter.   

If you would like to arrange your own social please email info@oneyearnobeer.com

How can I cancel my membership?
Please email info@oneyearnobeer.com
I don't want to receive any emails. How can I stop it?
Please click on “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of any email you get from us, but please do be aware that this will affect your challenge emails  

For further assistance please send an email to info@oneyearnobeer.com.

Testimonials and Case Studies
We’re always on the lookout for inspiring stories to boost the collective morale of the OYNB community and to spread the word via the media about OYNB’s mission.  

We wholeheartedly thank all those brave souls who share their own experiences. Without you, OYNB wouldn’t be what it is.

If you’d like to tell your tale of life before and after your OYNB challenge, if it has transformed one or multiple aspects of your life, then we’d love to hear from you. Just drop us a line to info@oneyearnobeer.com.